Traffic Roundtable!

In this week's episode we talk about some new signage on Hwy 18, roadwork near Maple Valley lasting through July, and how you can take part in a traffic roundtable next week and also watch me lip sync for love!


On this week’s Gridlocked: an update on Hwy 18 roadwork, a new project in Ballard, my ride along with a State Trooper, and what does a zipper have to do with traffic?!

It's Gonna Be May!

This week’s episode features a HOV lane update, tunnel driving and a facelift for Hwy 18. Here’s a link to the WSDOT survey for the Hwy 99 tunnel! A very big THANK YOU to Danni Thompson for making some beautiful new graphics for the website and the podcast! Here’s a link to her work!

Roadwork Ahead!

This week I share an update on Southbound I5 in Tacoma, spring and summer roadwork that will slow your roll, and a new bill could have you shell out big $$. Here are the pictures mentioned. DOT truck hit in a work zone. Photo from WSDOT twitter page.

dot trucks.png