Summa Summa Summertime!

Hi Friends!

Happy almost 1st day of Summer! Feels and looks like summer decided to come earlier than July 7th.

Don't know about you, but I'm ready for a little down time.

Time to take in some family camping trips, softball, fishing, and a massive amount of s'mores eating.

Plently happening in the Turner house the next few weeks. Jess graduated 5th grade and starts middle school next year. I'll pop up some pictures from the ceremony.  It was bittersweet to watch her walk across the stage to grab her certificate. I flashed forward to her senior year in high school, imagined her walking across the stage in  cap and gown to get that diploma. 

I glanced over to Jess's mom and saw her tears.

It broke me.

I felt for her. I too was feeling it. Sad to see elementary days over, but excited to see her explore her independence in middle school.  When I posted the video on Instagram/Facebook, I gave props to Jess's mom. " To her mom Jen, You should be proud of the daughter you have raised. She resembles you, she looks up to you and she loves you. Just like I said today while we shared a few tears, you’re a great mom and you’ve done a wonderful job."

I've been in Jess's life since she was 5 1/2. Watching her grow up has been an absolute pleasure. I will say this until the day that I die. I LOVE THIS LITTLE GIRL, more than I can ever put into words. But the love that my husband has for her, man.... It makes my heart explode. 

Kyle has been feeling a little sad too. More so that his little girl is growing up, becoming more independent.  I'm trying to be present for my husband and his feelings. I'm sad that he's feeling this way.

I'm in studio rest of this week for Rachel as she's off on vaca, and all next week since Rachel will be back and in for John who will be on vaca.

Great news though! I'll be live in Chopper 7 for the 4th of July fireworks!

You guys are awesome and thank you for everything. I really appreciate you.