Pressing on the heart and mind..

Heavy.. So much heavy.

I do not know how chronic pain sufferers deal with this.

 Waking up with a headache EVERY SINGLE DAY..

Some days are better than others. I notice a difference when it gets closer to injection day.

To recap, there was a car accident Feb last year while we were on the air. Hit at 35 mph.  Sustained a concussion. Since then, I have been dealing with headaches.

 Imagine having a migraine headache every single day of your life. That is how I feel.

Every.   Day.

Doctors have done everything to find a way to make me feel somewhat normal again. I have injections every 8 weeks. Sometimes up to 30 shots in my head neck and shoulders. Doctors have put me on a migraine self-injection every month. They have put me on muscle relaxers, over the counter meds like Excedrin and I drink a TON of water.

The pain is draining. It robs me of my life, my happiness, and my freedom. You would never know since I smile thru the hurt, grind thru the pain.

I am not asking for anything here, I just needed to vent.


There is a full court press to get what you have been asking for on the podcast!

 I hope you checked it out and subscribed on Itunes. Jenn reached out with questions on the ferries. We found out why there are no north/south ferries. This week, an update on the most talked about Hwy 16/I-5 interchange.

Need some help here, looking for a photographer who will take some lifestyle pics for the website. If you know of anyone, send him or her my way.


Something that has been pressing on my heart lately, how you treat others and how others treat you. This is a convo kiddo and I talk about a lot. Quite a bit actually.

Convo this week with a friend on why people will go out of their way to break you.

Not quite sure why this is still happening?

Why are we NOT nice to each other? So confusing.

It is a terrible shame that we all have the same goal at the end of the day. Spread kindness.

We need more of that.

“we rise by lifting others”- Robert Ingersoll