It's been a while..

There has been so much pain and frustration for a while now. If you suffer from chronic headaches, I am so sorry.

I know how you have been feeling. Since February, I’ve had a headache and NOTHING has worked.

Visits to doctors, hours of therapy, and many prescriptions.

Nothing is working.

It has effected quality of life.

It’s made life difficult.

Currently working with a doctor who specializes in treatment for brain injuries, and he is doing everything to keep me comfortable.

This headache has caused memory loss, forgetfulness, hard to focus. Trying to get the pain under control has been unsuccessful.

This has really brought me to a new all time low. I

Finding it hard at times to put a smile on my face when my head constantly aches.

That is not the only reason it’s hard to smile.

It’s funny how people will tell you “you shouldn’t care what other people think”. But think about that statement for a min. Now be honest with yourself, do you care?


Be it your peers, family, or friends. You know you are fretting over what they are saying when you are not around. However, will they say it to your face? Oh heck no.

Why do I let the whispers get to me? Is this my wishing that I could or would belong? It reminds me so much of wanting to fit in, as I wanted so badly in High School. It honestly makes me feel like I did walking down the halls, hearing the whispers “she’s so fat”, “no one likes her”. I have never felt so displaced in my life.

I’m trying to teach a little girl that inclusion is important and not one person is more important than the other, while you may not “care” for them, you still have to be nice.

There’s a conscious effort to be a better person every SINGLE DAY, show kiddo that girl hate is NOT tolerated and to smile a little more.