Meet Clark..

At the end of August, Kyle and I had to put my beloved 17-year-old dachshund Yoo-Hoo down.

Life since then has been different. Missing something.

Yoo-Hoo was a big part of my world for nearly 1/2 my life. There’s a big hole in my heart and soul that has not healed from his loss. People say that time will help me heal, that time has been moving terribly slow.

His urn sits on the fireplace mantle, close to the warmth of the fire. That’s where he would love to lay there with Kyle for hours. I have fond memories of watching them lay there, Kyle would lay his hand over him and he would love that.. For a moment, then he would growl and want to be left alone. lol..

There’s a reason I’m setting this up.

If you follow my social channels, you’ve met Clark.

Clark is a 6-month-old light brown standard dachshund puppy. Kyle rescued him the day before Halloween after seeing an ad on Craigslist. Kyle was deeply concerned that he was rushing me into finding a new pup.

It had only been 2 months to the DATE that we let my little man cross the rainbow bridge. There are still times that I walk in the door and wait to hear his bark, and when I don’t… I sit on the floor and cry. The pain is still there, I have nightmares from watching him fall into that forever sleep.  There was NO way that I could wrap my arms around a new member of our family considering that I wasn’t over his loss.

People tell me that the pain will never go away, and I believe that to the core. I will never get over the loss of my sweet boy. However, Yoo-hoo would want us to open our hearts to another little man.

So here’s Clark..

Running and jumping, barking and playing. Tormenting the ever living out of Luci and truly bonding with our family. He came into our life for a reason, and I believe that Yoo-hoo put him there. He shows the same characteristics Yoohoo had at that age. Same temperament actually. Clark has made Yoo-hoo’s old bed his own, he sleeps with Yoo-hoo’s old blankets. Clark looks at me the way Yoo-hoo did when he was 6 months old. I remember those eyes, and I remember how stubborn he was. Clark is showing me that there is a little bit of Yoo-hoo in him.  And I’m just fine with that.  

Clark is Kyle’s dog.


He follows him; sit on Kyle’s shoulder when watching TV. Talk about cuteness overload! When he is bad, Clark will listen to Kyle over me. Fun to watch Kyle train him. I remember those days and it makes my heart so happy watching them bond.  It’s making me happy to hear another bark, watch him actually smile as he runs thru the house. Most of all, feel the love from another fur baby. Clark has made his way into my heart and I’ll keep him here for a long time.

He is a good dog who had a bad start to life.

It’s our honor to have him as a part of our family and we love him very much!