Things Are Warming Up!

I'd like to apologize about how absent I've been to this blog. If you didn't know already I'm freelancing at KIRO 7 TV and doing some fill in work on KIRO Radio 97.3. Between splitting my time with radio/TV and home life, it's been pretty crazy. 

Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Mine was spent with family and friends, concerts, and some time in the sun.

Don't you love it when the weather gets a little warmer? You know I do. 'Cause fishing, guys. It's one of those things that brings such inner peace for me. Something about the calm, hearing the birds squawk at you on the water, and the sound of a cast that soothes me.

I never thought that I would meet someone who loves fishing MORE than me. 

So looking forward to learning how to use a new baitcaster this summer while Kyle and I are away on our anniversary trip. Speaking of's 5 years together and 4 years married in August. I can't speak for Kyle, but our anniversary trip is my favorite. Time spent with the husband is time well spent <3.

This weekend is the kick off to our summer softball beer league. Back in 2007, a guy named Ron came up to me while hosting a 950 KJR Sports Babe contest and told me that he needed another girl to play some softball.  Still pretty new to town, no friends outside of work, how was a girl to say no? 

It's hard for me to put into words how much this league means to me. Long lasting, heartfelt relationships with these people. People who have made a difference in my life. These are the relationships that I cherish. Some of the the members in this league were not only a part of my wedding, but they have embraced my husband and love him as much as I do.

Thank you Ron for bringing me in, introducing us to some amazing people and making our summers so much fun! 

In other business:
A new YouTube favorites video will go up next week!