You are not alone.

This week has hit me pretty hard with the loss of Kate Spade and now Anthony Bourdain.
You guys know that I've been open with my dad and his brother with their death by suicide.

My dad took his life on July 4th, 15 years ago.

I suffer from depression, sometimes so severe that it has lead me down a dark road and into some of those thoughts. It had scared me to face this world. At points where I felt that if I left, it woudn't matter.
It got so low at one point that I reached up and out and found resources that guided me into some brighter light.

The death of my dad, uncle and several friends inspired me to do something.

This is the reason that I devote a LOT of my time and efforts into Forefront Suicide Prevention. I attest to the work that they do, the outreach they have and how they saved me.

While we may never know the demons, and struggles they endure or the thoughts they possess. We need to reasure everyone there's help. You are loved, you are enough.
If you find yourself needing help, Forefront Suicide Prevention can and will help you.