You are not alone.

This week has hit me pretty hard with the loss of Kate Spade and now Anthony Bourdain.
You guys know that I've been open with my dad and his brother with their death by suicide.

My dad took his life on July 4th, 15 years ago.

I suffer from depression, sometimes so severe that it has lead me down a dark road and into some of those thoughts. It had scared me to face this world. At points where I felt that if I left, it woudn't matter.
It got so low at one point that I reached up and out and found resources that guided me into some brighter light.

The death of my dad, uncle and several friends inspired me to do something.

This is the reason that I devote a LOT of my time and efforts into Forefront Suicide Prevention. I attest to the work that they do, the outreach they have and how they saved me.

While we may never know the demons, and struggles they endure or the thoughts they possess. We need to reasure everyone there's help. You are loved, you are enough.
If you find yourself needing help, Forefront Suicide Prevention can and will help you.


Where your heart goes your time!

Can you believe that the year is almost over? I know that it's only October 11th, but think about it. Thanksgiving is 6 weeks away and Christmas is only 11 more Wednesdays away. You ready for some holidays?

I want to thank many of you who reached out about the last post on Depression. Something that I struggle with. Several of you have told me your stories; thank you for trusting me with your truth.

Speaking of truths. If you missed Ron and Don this week on 97.3 KIRO radio, please click here to read. Don shared how he is going to "enter the arena" and I find this to be such an inspiring post. 

This month continues to be very busy. This weekend I'm honored to emcee The Seattle Animal Shelter Foundation Raining Cats and Dogs Dinner and Auction for the 3rd year. Hands down, this is one of the favorite events that I do. I'm taking my mother in law & little one so they get to see the great work these people do. Tickets are still available if you'd like to support this organization. 

Next week, I'll be co-hosting with Scott Carty an event for Forefront. This is about Restoring Hope. This is about Suicide Prevention. I've shared my own story about suicide earlier this summer. Forefront is another program that I have, and will continue to dedicate my time to & for. The work that Forefront has done and continues to do is pretty damn amazing. So proud to be a part of their organization and will shout from the rooftops about the work that they do!

Raising awareness about mental health, suicide prevention, animals and breast cancer. All of these issues need our attention. Believe me, I know there are more. These are my focus right now - they are personal.  They have my heart.

I would LOVE to hear where you put your support. Please leave a comment below.